Why a blog on the religions of Japan?


Many people come to Japan attracted by its culture and spiritual traditions. As them, as you, I also want to learn about Buddhism, particularly Zen Buddhism, and Shintoism.

My interest is not the metaphysical consideration of religion, even less the dogmas per se. I am interested in the emotional side of the religious experience, in how religion intimately affects the lives of people.

Shinto shrine


By looking at rituals, stories or religious behavior, I try to understand myself and you. In this complex nation with old traditions, I have a lifetime opportunity. Japan’s original beliefs have had a different evolution than Western religions. A comparative perspective can illuminate the relationship of people with religion. These observations can help us to better understand our human condition.

I write this blog to register my experiences and to share my studies with people with similar interests. Sometimes in an academic tone, others with an emotional one and with regular pragmatism, I will write about the mythic Japan.

You may be looking for a spiritual experience. Maybe Google helped a synchronicity. You might be interested in some cultural aspect of Japan. No matter what brought you here, I hope that you can find information or ideas to help your travel.

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