Mythic Japan offers you information and ideas of the religious and spiritual traditions of Japan. If you are planning to travel or if you just want to know more about myths and rituals of this country accompany me as I explore Japan’s hidden and popular treasures. Here you can find practical information, thoughts and hopefully, inspiration for your own explorations.

About me

My name is Álvaro Carrasco. I was born in El Salvador, lived half of my first 48 years in Chile and now I am living in Japan. I am a Jungian oriented clinical psychologist with a doctorate in psychotherapy. In Mythic Japan I share the results of my studies and encounters with transcendent beliefs of the Japanese people. As a Jungian psychologist I am interested in religion as a way to know and reach the human psyche. This interest has motivated me over 28 years to study different myths of the world and now Shinto and Buddhism.


Since English is not my native language, please forgive my idiomatic mistakes.

I write about my experiences and investigations, if you find an error or want to complement the articles please add a comment or contact me individually using this form.

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